Shepard State Marshwalk

Explore the Tranquil Marshwalk Pier at Shepard State Park

Discover the hidden gem of coastal Mississippi: the Marshwalk Pier at Shepard State Park. Opened to the public in April 2021, this 1,100-foot-long boardwalk is a nature lover’s paradise. Let me take you on a journey through its scenic wonders:

  1. Educational and Scenic: The Marshwalk Pier is one of the best nature trails in Mississippi. As you stroll along the boardwalk, you’ll learn about the local flora, fauna, and history. Informative panels line the trail, providing fascinating insights into the ecosystem.
  2. Marshland Views: Zigzagging over stretches of beautiful marshland and Lamotte Bayou, the Marshwalk offers breathtaking views. Get up close and personal with the marsh, observe birds, and spot other wildlife that calls this area home.
  3. Nighttime Magic: Thanks to strategically placed lighting, the Marshwalk is enchanting even after sunset. Imagine taking a moonlit walk, surrounded by the sounds of nature and the gentle sway of the marsh grasses.
  4. Access to Amenities: Located within Shepard State Park, the Marshwalk is just one of the park’s attractions. Explore more trails, picnic areas, and recreational facilities. It’s the perfect escape for families, couples, and solo adventurers.
  5. Longest Pier of Its Kind: The Marshwalk Pier proudly holds the title of the longest pier of its kind on the Gulf Coast. Come experience its serenity and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Mississippi.
For additional information and to plan your visit,  explore more of the amenities shown on our website. Campsites can be booked at  Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with nature and create lasting memories along the Marshwalk!

Shepard State Park MarshwalkMarshwalk at Shepard State Park in Gautier, Mississippi's longest






Sunset on Marshwalk